Chromacryl Water Based Finishing Varnish 500ml

Sku: CX178343
$18.99 GST included

Chromacryl Finishing Varnish (water-based).

Chromacryl Water-Based Finishing Varnish is a clear, durable, gloss varnish that forms a tough non-tacky surface to enhance and protect paintings.

  • Can be used to varnish murals
  • Ideal for all artworks and surfaces where a hard heat resistant varnish is required
  • Apply to acrylic paintings after they have dried
  • Water-based varnish
  • Dries with a tack free gloss finish
  • Low viscosity for easy application
  • Content: 500ml

Note: For a low sheen finish dilute the varnish one to one with water

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