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Art Easels

Find the perfect easel at Discount Office for affordable prices. We have a huge range of easels to match your needs. Whether you're after full-height or desktop easels, aluminium or wood finish, with drawers or something more portable, we have the range for you.
Boyd Visuals Aluminium Tripod Easel

Aluminium Tripod Easel

$209.00 inc. GST
Ships as early as today.
Jasco Easels Fsc 100% Academy Studio Pine Easel *New*

Academy Studio Pine Easel

$99.00 inc. GST
Ships as early as today.
Jasco Tripod Display Easel Black

Tripod Display Easel Black

$79.49 inc. GST
Ships as early as today.
Jasco Jasart Table Top Easel

Jasart Table Top Easel

$50.99 inc. GST
Ships as early as today.


There is no better way to showcase your artistic talent than with one of our high-quality art easels. We carry all the leading brands, including French easels, H-Frame easels, and A-Frame easels, in a variety of finishes and sizes to suit any need. Whether you're looking for a desktop easel for a small painting or a full-height easel for an oversized canvas, we have just what you need.

We have easels from top brands like Winsor & Newton, Jasart and Art Advantage. We also have generic brands if you're looking for something on a budget. Our selection of wooden and aluminium easels offer features for all. Whether you're looking for something ultra-portable or something a little sturdier and stable, we have what you need.

Our art easels are made from the highest quality materials and construction, ensuring years of use. They are also incredibly versatile, able to be used for oil painting, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, and more. And because we carry such a wide selection of sizes and styles, we are confident that you will find the perfect easel for your needs.

There are three main types of easels: brands, types, and finishes. The type of easel you choose will likely depend on your budget and what you plan to use it for. If you plan on using your easel for oil painting, then you will need a different kind of easel than if you plan on using it for watercolors or acrylics. The type of finish on your easel is also important. Some easels have a natural finish, while others come in stained or painted finishes. The finish you choose should complement the style of your home.

There are many features to consider when choosing an easel. Some easels come with storage shelves or drawers, which can be very convenient for storing all of your supplies. Other features to look for include adjustable legs, which allow you to set up your easel at different heights to suit your needs. You should also consider the size of the desktop on your easel. If you plan on using larger canvases, then you will need a bigger surface area to work on.

When deciding on the best art easel for you, keep in mind what kinds of projects you want to use it for. If you only plan on working on smaller projects, then a desktop easel might be all you need. However, if you want to be able to work on larger canvases, then a full-height easel would be better suited for your needs. There are also high-quality art easels that have multiple uses such as display cases or even plant stands; so if you're looking for more than just a traditional easel, keep that in mind as well! No matter what kind of artwork you enjoy creating, there is definitely an easel out there that is perfect for you!

So whether you are a professional artist or a budding amateur, come to us for all your easel needs.

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