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Posca Pens & Paint Markers

Posca paint markers are a great tool for artists, crafters, and doodlers of all experience levels. These markers have quick-drying ink that is permanent on most surfaces once dry, including wood, canvas, glass, plastic, metal, and walls, among many others. With a wide selection of colors available, there's sure to be one that fits your style or project perfectly!
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Posca Paint Markers

Posca paint markers are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to any project. With a wide variety of colours and sizes available, they are ideal for everything from school projects to crafting.

Posca paint markers are easy to use, and their bullet tip makes them perfect for detailed work. Plus, they're waterproof, so you can use them on just about any surface. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, Posca paint markers are a great choice for all your creative needs.

You can use them on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, metal, glass, and more. Posca paint markers are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your projects.

Wide range of Posca paint markers

If you're looking to buy Posca paint markers in NZ, look no further than Discount Office. We have one of the biggest range of Posca paint markers available to ship now. Unlike many shops, we sell both variety packs as well as individual markers. Pick and choose from a wide variety of colours, sizes and types to make your collection. We can ship anywhere in NZ and shipping is completely free on all orders over $30.

Features of Posca paint markers

Posca paint markers are a quality product that has been around for a number of years. It's trusted by artists, amateurs and businesses around the world. They are very versatile, easy to use and available in a variety of colours and types.

  • Variety of surfaces: You can use your Posca pens on a wide variety of surfaces with excellent coverage.
  • Quick-drying: Water-based markers that dry quickly and are resistant to water, fading and abrasion when dry.
  • Tip sizes: They come in a wide variety of tip sizes, fine, bold and everything in between to fit any type of style and technique.
  • Vivid colours: They're available in an extensive range of colours, including metallic, pastel, glitter, dark and basic colours.
  • Versatile: Posca paint markers are extremely versatile and can be used for drawing, colouring, outlining, graffiti art, and much much more.
  • Non-toxic: Safe and comfortable to use as they're non-toxic and odourless.
  • Light & dark: Can we be used on both light and dark surfaces thanks to their opaque pigmented ink.
  • Trusted: They're used by top artists, hobbyists, students and businesses around the world who trust it to do a great job.

Types of Posca paint markers

In addition to its variety of colours, nib sizes and types, Posca paint markers come in a variety of types that suit different styles:

  • Classic: Huge range of basic colour paint markers available in every tip size.
  • Metallic: Feature metallic colours including gold, silver, bronze, copper and more. Perfect for a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • Pastel: Pastel coloured paint markers with soft, muted colours. Available in a range of pastel colours including blue, green, yellow, pink and more.
  • Glitter: Adds a touch of glitter. Includes glitter particles that create a sparkly effect to your art.
  • Dark: Includes darker colours than the classic range with denser ink.
  • Flouro: Features vivid bright flouro colours. Available in selected colours only.
  • MOP'R: Newly introduced and offers a great ergonomic grip when using. Perfect for making crisp lines, fine dots or oozy drops.

Finding the right Posca paint marker

We've covered the different types of Posca paint markers. Another element to choosing the right paint marker for you is the nib size and type.

  • 1MR: Extra-fine calibrated tip ringed in metal. For amateurs and professionals looking for an ultra-fine, dense line with a rich pallette of colour effects.
  • 1M: Fine tip markers perfect for small-format creations. It has an extra-fine bullet tip and is great for precise colouring.
  • 3M: Fine-point markers allowing for precise strokes, and the ability to customise, create, decorate and mark anything that inspires you.
  • 5M: Medium tip markers. They are the most versatile in the Posca range. They provide a clear, precise line and beautiful colour. They're an essential tool in any artist's toolkit.
  • 7M: Broad bullet tip markers. Great for large scale precision work. Complements well with the PC-8K range of markers.
  • 8K: Broad chisel tip markers. Great for tracing curves and covering large areas. Ideal for flat colours, street art and lettering.
  • 17K: Extra large XXL tip. Ideal for flat colours and backgrounds. Great for large scale works as well as painting backgrounds.
  • PCF-350: These markers have flexible brush tips that are perfect for creating smooth, flowing lines and adding texture to your art. They're also great for creating watercolour effects and calligraphy-style lettering.

Buy Posca paint markers from Discount Office

At Discount Office, we've sold 1000's of Posca products to happy customers across New Zealand. We've sold them to artists, aspiring artists, workshops, garages, general businesses and everything in between. We have the range, low price and fast shipping along with free shipping over $30.

So next time you're looking to buy Posca paint markers, see our range, quality and prices.

Posca paint marker storage cases

If you have a collection of Posca paint markers or are still growing your collection, store them neatly with official Posca  storage cases. There are two sizes to choose from and both are available from Discount Office at low prices. We have a hardshell case storing up to 60 markers, and a smaller hardshell storage case with a capacity for up to 24 markers.

More Posca brand products

Apart from paint markers, we also sell other Posca branded products, including Posca chalk markers, Posca coloured pencils, and Posca pastel pencils.

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