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With one of the largest collections of whiteboards in NZ, we're sure we have something for you. Our range covers all budgets with premium and budget brands on offer. As with all our products, get free shipping when you shop over $30.

Whiteboards NZ

If you're looking to buy a whiteboard for your office, home or anywhere, look no further than Discount Office. We've supplied whiteboards of all types and sizes to satisfied businesses and customers across NZ. We source quality and budget brands locally and internationally. We're able to keep our prices low by keeping our costs and margins down. We can ship our whiteboards to you just about everywhere in NZ. And shipping is free with Discount Office on all orders over $30.

Wide range of whiteboards

We sell a range of different brands giving you choice of budget, type and features in a whiteboard.

Some of the brands we sell include Boyd Visuals, Quartet, Post-It, Filemaster, Nobo, Olympic and Yosogo.

Some brands offer more value while others offer more durability and features.

Types of whiteboards

We have an extensive range of types of whiteboards. They serve different purposes and suit different use cases. Some of them include the following:

  • Glass whiteboards: made of tempered glass with a smooth and durable writing surface. Glass whiteboards are available in black backing, white backing or clear glass.
  • Lacquered steel whiteboards: made of a writing surface made of steel. It provides a smooth and durable writing surface. They're made to be resistant to ghosting and staining. They're the most popular choice for their ease of cleaning and maintenance. These whiteboards are also usually magnetic.
  • Porcelain whiteboards: made from porcelain and steel. Highly durable and long-lasting surface.
  • Mobile whiteboards: the most mobile whiteboards, with a stand with wheels. They're easy to move around the room.
  • Reversible whiteboards: double-sided whiteboards that can used on both sides. Some can be flipped, others are fixed.
  • Magnetic whiteboards: metal surface whiteboards, allowing the use of magnetic buttons and tapes which can be used to attaching papers on whiteboards.
  • Projection whiteboards: has a special surface allowing for clear projection of images and videos.
  • Dry-erase whiteboards: standard whiteboards made out of plastic material. Also available in stickable surfaces which can be installed without any tools.
  • Water resistant whiteboards: made out of a surface that is resistant to water.
  • Handheld whiteboards: Small sized whiteboards perfect for carrying around. Usually double sided.

Features to look for in whiteboards

There are common features in a whiteboard, while some brands like to add some unique selling points for their whiteboard products. Some of the features to look for in a whiteboard include the following. Not all may be important to you.

  • Stands: for mounting the whiteboard on if you're not planning on mounting the whiteboard to a wall.
  • Magnetic: some whiteboards are magnetic and you should consider that if you're likely to want to use magnetic buttons and tapes to hold up paper to the whiteboard.
  • Wheels: for ease of movement if you're planning on moving the whiteboard around the room.
  • Size: whiteboards come in many sizes. Measure your workspace before deciding on the size to choose.
  • Quality: choose a good quality whiteboard so it lasts a long time without needing repairs or replacement.
  • Double sided: look for reversible whiteboards to double your writing surface.
  • Wall mounting: save floor space and mount the whiteboard to the wall.
  • Material: whiteboards are made from various materials. Choose the one that suits your use the best.
  • Erasability: easy to erase without any ghosting.
  • Price: whiteboards come in many budgets. Choose one that matches the features and price range you're looking for.
  • Ease of installation: choose a whiteboard that's easy to install without the use of lots of tools.

Planner whiteboards

We have a range of planner whiteboards perfect for planning timetables, staff rosters, sports games and more. Some of these planner whiteboards are:

Buy whiteboards from Discount Office

At Discount Office, we have an extensive range of high quality whiteboards from reputable brands.  We offer all types of whiteboards so whatever type of whiteboard you need, we'll be sure to have them. Our prices are very competitive and with free shipping anywhere in NZ on orders over $30, you'll save more with Discount Office. 

We've sold many whiteboards to kiwis and kiwi businesses for years. Join our list of satisfied customers and choose Discount Office when shopping for whiteboards and other office products and supplies.

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