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Art Pads

Art pads are essential tools for artists of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, having the right art pad can make a huge difference in your work. Discover a wide range of art pads that are designed to meet your needs, from sketchpads to watercolor pads and everything in between. Find the perfect paper weight, texture, and size to suit your artistic style and medium. With high-quality art pads, you can bring your artistic vision to life and showcase your creativity to the world. Explore our collection of art pads and start creating today!
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Art Pads

Art pads are a must-have for artists of all levels. These high-quality pads offer a blank canvas for creativity, featuring acid-free paper that won't yellow or fade over time. Available in a wide range of sizes, textures, and paper weights, art pads cater to a variety of artistic mediums including pencils, paints, pens, and more.

With micro-perforated sheets for easy removal and wire-bound or glued binding for convenience, art pads provide the perfect platform for artists to experiment and showcase their work. From sketching and drawing to watercolor painting and mixed media projects, there's an art pad out there for every artist's unique style and needs. Discover the best art pads on the market and take your creativity to the next level!

Types of art pads

Our wide and growing range consists of office seating products include the following:

  • Sketch pads: for drawing, sketching and experimenting with various artistic techniques. Capture ideas, explore composition options and create preliminary sketches for more detailed works.
  • Watercolour pads: for creating artwork with watercolour paints. These require special paper with higher absorbency than regular paper. Because watercolour paints can be blended and manipulated in a variety of ways, watercolour pads offer a versatile medium for artists to express their creativity and experiment with different techniques.
  • Drawing pads: for crafting artwork with a variety of dry media such as pencils, charcoal, pastels and markers.
  • Oil pads: for use with oil paints which require a special surface to achieve the best results. Oil pads feature paper that is slightly heavier and more absorbent.
  • Acrylic pads: for use with acrylic paints of all types. They offer a smooth and consistent surface for painting and making it easier to achieve desired effects with acrylic paints.
  • Mixed media pads: general purpose art pads for use with different types of media including dry and wet media such as watercolour, oil, acrylics, charcoal and more.

Choosing an art pad

There are many aspects to consider when buying an art pad. We've summarised a few here.

  • Type of media: know the type of media you will be using on the pad, whether it will be watercolour, oil, pencils or something else. It's best to buy art pads specifically designed for the type of media you'll be using.
  • Paper size: depending on the scale of your artwork and the portability you're looking for, you may want to go for large sized art pads like A3. Or for better portability, choose something more travel friendly like A4, A5 or smaller.
  • Paper weight: choose paper thickness according to the type of paint or media you're using. As a general rule, thicker paper will absorb media better and not bleed onto other pages.
  • Texture: choose from plain or textured paper depending on the finish you're trying to achieve.
  • Special features: consider if you need perforated paper, ruled, or something else to store or assist in your artwork.

Using your art pad

To ensure you're using your art pad, as it was intended, follow these guidelines:

  • Choose the right pad for your medium: Make sure to select the appropriate art pad for the type of medium you will be using (e.g. watercolor pad for watercolors, drawing pad for pencils).
  • Protect your paper: Place a piece of cardboard or another firm surface underneath the page you are working on to prevent impressions or indents from the surface below.
  • Keep it clean: Avoid touching the paper with your hands or fingers, as oils from your skin can transfer onto the paper and cause smudging or damage.
  • Experiment and have fun: Use your art pad to experiment with different techniques and styles, and let your creativity flow!

Storing your art pad

Store your art pad properly to ensure they last and the artwork you've created on them stay in good condition:

  • Keep it dry: Store your art pad in a dry, cool place to prevent moisture and humidity from affecting the paper.
  • Protect it from light: Avoid exposing your art pad to direct sunlight or harsh artificial light, which can cause the paper to yellow or fade over time.
  • Store it flat: Keep your art pad stored flat or upright in a protective case or folder to prevent it from bending or warping.
  • Keep it clean: Cover your art pad with a protective cover or wrap it in acid-free paper to keep it clean and prevent dust or debris from settling on the surface.

Buy art pads and art supplies from Discount Office

At Discount Office, we have an extensive range of art pads of all types from quality brands you love at low prices everyday. In addition to art pads, we have a range of art supplies including paints, brushes and everything in between.

Whether you're an art student, amateur artist or a professional, we have the supplies and art products for you. So next time you need art pads or art supplies, choose us for our large range, top quality, low price and prompt delivery.

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