7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Whiteboard

No office is complete without a whiteboard. They're a great collaboration tool that has decorated office walls for decades. While a new breed of computerised and "smart" whiteboards enter the market, the staple white board has generally escaped wide ranging changes in the decades it's been around.

Choosing a whiteboard is an important step in the journey to purchasing one. We lay out 7 things to look for when buying a whiteboard.

1. Determine what the whiteboard will be used for.

It begins with why you need the whiteboard and what you'll use it for. No one whiteboard will solve all use cases so you have to know exactly what the end goal you have in mind. Do you need to travel with it? - you've immediately eliminated the larger immobile variety. Starting with what your intended use is will help you answer the remainder of the questions below.

2. You need to go bigger if you want to collaborate.

A common use of the whiteboard is to stick it in a meeting room. These are great as a collaboration tool, to articulate, expand and impart ideas to a wider group. Maybe you or your team likes leaving ideas on the board to keep for extended periods of time. A larger whiteboard, while taking up more space and needing a larger room to house, is essential for a large office filled with lots creative people. While the option of sticking an entire wall with whiteboard material is open to some, for many a large room size whiteboard is the next best option.

As a rule, get the biggest whiteboard you can fit in your office.

3. Get one you can stick things on. You will need it.

Whiteboards need markers and erasers, all of which needs to be stored when not in use. These have a tendency to get lost over the course of time. Getting a whiteboard that is magnetic avoids that. Some magnetic whiteboards accompany a magnetic pen holder fit for a few markers. They're very practical and indispensable once you get used to them. Your eraser also needs a place to go when not in use. Your magnetic eraser will stick to your magnetic whiteboard ... like a magnet.

Also, prefer whiteboards that come with a tray to keep all your whiteboard accessories. 

4. Stick it on a wall so you don't occupy floor space. On the other hand, get one with wheels if you're going to move it around.

 If you have a wall, use it to stick the whiteboard on. This will keep the floor free of whiteboard stands which will get in the way in small rooms. As an added bonus, you can choose the exact height the whiteboard will be set at, which isn't always possible with a stand.

If you're undecided where your whiteboard will go, or want to have the option of moving it around from one side of the room to another, a stand with wheels is an absolute must. Looks for wheels with locks which prevents the whiteboard from going on a ride.

5. Multi-purpose boards are great when you have a use for them.

Some whiteboards are fitted with a corkboard. If you have a lot of paper to share, these can be great for you and your team. However, they do take half of the whiteboard. Your use cases will help you decide if these are right for you.

6. Brand names matter when it comes to office hardware.

A cheaper quality whiteboard might be easier on the pocket to begin with, but with whiteboards the brand names matter. Look for brands that have been stood the test of time, have good reputation and are easy to set up. Each brand has a slight twist on how they put together their whiteboards. While for most users, these are minor details, ultimately a sturdy good quality whiteboard at an affordable price is what most users are looking for.

7. Get one from a reputable retailer.

When buying big ticket items you want to do business with reputable retailers who have been around and will likely stay around for years to come. At the same time, you don't want to overpay for essential office products. Discount Office works with you to offer you quality products at great prices. We believe our whiteboards find a good balance between quality and price topped with customer service to beat high street retailers.

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