Liebert PowerSure III PSA1500VA Inline - Uninterruptable Power Supply

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The Liebert PSA is an economical, line-interactive, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that offers full-featured power protection for small office computers and electronic equipment. Liebert PSA offers unique features and extraordinary performance not normally found in similar products in this price range.

Liebert PSA provides up to five minutes of back-up time at full load -- more than enough time to save work in progress and shut down the connected equipment. USB shutdown software and a USB cable are also included. The UPS offers six battery-backed outlets, and two surge-only outlets.



  • Wide input voltage window and buck / boost operation corrects poor
  • input power without the need to switch to battery power
  • 6 minutes runtime at full load (12-13 at Half-load)
  • USB communication
  • Mini Tower Design
  • 6 battery-backed outlets
  • 2 surge-only outlets
  • RJ-45 Data line protection
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Multilink software supports automatic shutdown of PCs
  • Advance early warning of UPS shutdown
  • Lightning and surge protection (TVSS)



  • Capacity VA/W: 1500 / 900
  • Dimensions: W x D x H 147 x 360 x 234mm
  • On-Battery Wave Form: Stepped Sinewave
  • Typical Recharge Time: 6-8 hours to 90%
  • Battery Run Time: Full load - 6 minutes, Half load - 12-13 minutes
  • Audible and Visual: Audible alarm / LED

Ideally Suited:

  • For Desktop PCs
  • Professional Workstations
  • Small Routers, Bridges and Hubs
  • Point-of-sale Terminals
  • Other Sensitive Electronics


  • 6 battery-backed outlets
  • 2 surge-only outlets
  • RJ-45 Data line protection



24 Month Replacement Warranty

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