Codafile Archive & Storage Boxes

Croxley Codafile Archive Storage Box
$15.95 GST included

Codafile Archive Storage Box

Codafile archive box. Top opening Easy access Easy carrying handles Colour: Kraft Size: 370mm x 278mm x 250mm

Croxley Codafile Storage Box - Inner
$5.75 GST included

Codafile Storage Box - Inner

Codafile storage file inner. Boxes are modular and can be easily stacked and interlocked using support joiners. Kraft Size: 100mm x 245mm x 360mm

Croxley Codafile Storage Box - Outer
$16.95 GST included

Codafile Storage Box - Outer

Codafile storage box outer. Front opening Easy access One outer box holds four inner boxes Kraft Size: 440mm x 380mm x 255mm

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